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Photo Diary: Red River Gorge in the Fall

Date: October 2017
Growing up in Kentucky I’ve seen quite a bit of my state. Unfortunately, I still haven’t seen everything my beautiful state has to offer. But I grew up in the area where Daniel Boone National Forest lies, so I am lucky I grew up being surrounded by nature. The Red River Gorge is apart of the forest, and it seriously is worth the visit. I’ve visited quite a few times and it never gets old! I think every travel blogger and outdoors/adventures blogger should really check out the Red River Gorge. Well, really I think anybody and everybody should check out this amazing gorge!

I love seeing nature in the autumn. Just being surrounded by reds, yellows, and oranges also excited me. Now I visited the Red River Gorge in the autumn, and the site is just amazing!
As always I will give out the info to my camera and my lens. I’ll also link the official website to get more info on the Red River Gorge. Enjoy!


Thank you for checking out my photo diary!
I use my Nikon D3200 camera with my Nikkor 50mm lens.
A few photos I did use the camera on my phone. 
I used VSCO and Adobe Lightroom to edit my photos.

Here is a link to the RRG website: Click here

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