Hey there! I’m Amber!


Hello and welcome to Fly a Whey!
I’m Amber and I’m 25. I’m an American, from a little state in the southeast called Kentucky. My passion for travel is honestly still fairly new. Growing up, I never really had the chance to really travel, or even go on vacations for that matter. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always wanted to travel, but never really had much of a chance. But still,even as a kid I had a passion for learning cultures. That passion of mine has not and will never die. My goal is to just see the world, no matter how many countries!


I’m still a university student and I truly believe that I’m really lucky to have some of the experiences that I’ve had in life. While I’m only working part time, I hope to one day get a job that requires me to travel (I mean after all, I did pick international emphasis for my degrees). I believe one of the best experiences a person could get would be through traveling, it enlightens you, you learn so much, meeting beautiful souls, and I could really go on! Whether it’s domestic or international, I really think traveling could be an amazing experience for anyone.


I like to think it doesn’t take much to satisfy me, maybe that’s debatable depending on who you talk to. 

Some things I love in life:

  • Body positivty
  • Breakfast cereal
  • Classic rock
  • Free samples
  • Grade-A memes
  • Mountains

While I consider this my first real blog, I do have a Tumblr where I use to blog. Now I mostly use it to reblog pretty photos and inspirational quotes. It was where I originally recorded my progress (status updates, photos, meal log, and exercises ) for my fitness journey.  I use to go by “Teaflex” on social media (I still do on Tumblr), but I think “Flyawhey” is much more fitting for a  wanderlust and wellness blog!
I made FlyaWhey as a little project to record my travels and progress, share tips,my experiences,thoughts, and to give advice!


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