How I lost 110 Pounds

I want to really emphasize the fact that losing weight takes time. As much as we all want to eat one lettuce leaf and do a sit up to get some sick abs (do people still say “sick” in a cool way?), it’s just sadly never gonna happen…. until science has gone too far.

Every body works differently, what worked for me may honestly not work for you. But hey, even if this doesn’t work just don’t give up. Just keep a positive outlook, keep working hard and truly believe in yourself! I’m in no way a nutritionist. So take what I say with a grain of salt. 

So here is how I lost 110 pounds:


Cutting Off Soda

Some people are just too dependent on drinking soda or other super sugary beverages. While I loved my Coke, it was surprisingly easy for me to cut it out. What I did was switched to those sports energy drinks, mostly Gatorade. I would recommend just gradually taking out soda and switching it to something else for a little while. I would drink sports drinks pretty often, but I made sure to add some water into my diet. I began drinking water with those little individual flavoring packets.

I’m not sure how long I stuck with drinking Gatorade and those other sports drinks (a lot of sugars in them) but within the time I switch those out for Lipton Green Tea Citrus. Now I still drink those on an occasion if I decide to spoil myself.  Of course, I was still drinking those flavored bottles of water. For quite a few months (much longer than the sports drinks) I would just drink those bottled Lipton Green Teas. I gradually switched to only the flavored water. Now I only drink plain water. I think it’s completely okay to have those flavor packets in your water. I just stopped because I was getting a little tired of the taste.

No More Processed Foods

For me, I believe this was what caused me to drop weight so fast. I did this at a very slow pace. Now I love snacks and growing up, my diet was nothing but processed junk.  This was maybe the difficult part of changing my diet, my lifestyle. Cutting out processed foods meant I was cutting off Pizza Rolls, Oreos, Grippo BBQ Chips, and those Little Debbie Fudge Rounds I loved so much. While it’s totally fine to have these yummy things in moderation, I was at the stage in my life where I was determined to give myself some discipline. But this wasn’t just self-discipline, it was me versus myself.  Now I’m not saying I dropped all these foods and immediately ate nothing but Quinoa and Kale. I substituted the foods and then slowly dropped some of the substituted foods I was eating fresh foods.

Here are examples of some foods I switched out:

  • Candy Bar switched to Granola Bars
  • Chips switched into Peanuts
  • Cereal Switched into Oatmeal
  • White Bread switched into Whole Wheat bread and wraps

So, you have an idea how I made some healthier alternatives. Eventually, I did begin to slowly stop eating the healthier alternatives and switched to fresh food such as fruits and veggies. I also stopped snacking so often (allowed one snack a day). I’m unsure if this happened to others, but the more fruits and veggies I ate, the less I craved salty and sugary foods. It did get to the point where dark chocolate was a little too sweet for me. Remember that episode of King of the Hill where Bobby takes a bite from a chocolate bar and it’s too sweet? Yeah, that’s basically what happened to me.

I began “eating clean”, so primarily fruits and vegetables. These were frozen or fresh by the way, I stay far away from the canned and jarred ones because of all the sodium and sugars. I began to have smoothies for breakfast, salads or wraps for lunch, and dinner was pretty standard: brown rice, meat (mostly chicken), and some steamed or fried vegetable (mostly broccoli). If I wanted a dessert, I would make some Nice Cream (aka Banana Ice cream aka Nana Ice Cream). I personally never felt deprived when eating, and I think that’s the problem with diets. They deprive people of what they want to eat.

No Calorie Counting

I never bothered counting calories. I knew I was eating right so why count? Once I was around the 150 range I did begin to log my meals for the sake of logging them. Nowadays I do log my meals with MyFitnessPal. If you want to log meal your meals I say go for it. If you’re wanting to count calories that’s fine too. Just never obsess about the number of calories you’re eating a day, that isn’t healthy.

Slowly Incorporated Exercise

I’m not one to wake up at 5 am, do 20 minutes of yoga, and then head for a 3-mile run. While it’s super admirable, it just isn’t me. Maybe one day it will be me, but probably not anytime soon. To this day I have a love-hate relationship with exercising. Some days I love it and I get excited to go to the gym. Other days I would rather stay in bed and browse memes all day. I slowly worked exercising into my day. I didn’t just hop up and buy a gym membership.

Instead, I bought a video game to help out. I had a Nintendo Wii, and I bought Wii Fit as a way to get me started. I personally thought this was a great start, exercising while having fun.  I didn’t have any friends that lived around me nor were any of my friends interested in any sort of physical activity so this was a great way to slowly get into it.Eventually, I would begin jogging outside in the morning rather than jogging in place on the Wii Balance Board. I slowly would add weights as I jogged. Of course, I did add other exercises, but I slowly incorporated it so it wouldn’t feel like a chore.


I Joined a Community

Having an accountability buddy or even just being in a community can be so helpful. When I would feel unsure about something, even myself, I would turn to my buddies and the community I was in. I chose the Fitblr community on Tumblr and the folks there gave me a new outlook wellness. This was the community I chose but there are so many communities that you’re welcoming to choose. I believe joining a community not only gets you some friends and support, but you’ll also become more enthused about weight loss, fitness, or wellness just by the exposure you’ll be getting online. The same can be said for having an accountability buddy, you both have a common goal and the discussing the goals can really get you enthused!

More Protein Into My Diet

Well, this one is self-explanatory. Random fact about me, I rarely eat red meat. Ever so often I may eat a bugger, but I usually feel like total shit afterward. So, I did add protein to my diet. How much? Honestly, I don’t even know. As you can tell, I use to not really be one to keep track. I ate chicken almost every day, had one protein shake after working out, and ate a lot of greens that were high in protein (gotta love spinach).

Reduced Dairy

I reduced dairy in my diet. I would eat less cheese. I would no longer drink dairy milk or add it to my smoothies. One of the few dairy products I would eat was Greek yogurt. I switched to soy and almond milk for all my milk needs.


More Green Tea

Remember how I said earlier I would drink Lipton Green Tea Citrus as an alternative to soda? Well, those are filled with Sodium. I began drinking regular green tea, now I just really enjoy the taste but it’s also good for your metabolism.

Added some Cinnamon

I heard it was good for your metabolism so I did begin taking a Cinnamon supplement once a day. I’m not sure if it helped or not so who knows.


Getting Enough Sleep

This is really important. I’m sure everyone knows you need a good nights sleep in order to function the next. So I feel like I shouldn’t need to explain this. I did try to get around 9 hours a sleep, I never feel fully recharged at 8 hours, but 9 always cuts it. I made sure to sleep early so I could wake early. 



These were the things I did to lose 110 pounds. It was a slow process but the results were amazing. I never added diet pills, no meal replacement shakes, no teas giving me the runs, no crazy fad diets, none of that.  These are simply the things I did and it worked for me, so it may not work for you. But I hope this helps, and I hope if you’re wanting to lose weight or get fit, jut realize it is a slow process. Slow and steady really does win the race.  


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