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Photo Diary: Anglin Falls, Kentucky

Date: May 2016
I like to think of this trail as a hidden gem in Madison County, Kentucky. Madison County, specifically Berea is known for the trail called the Pinnacles (after all that time living the county I NEVER had the chance to visit for myself), but this is another trail just outside of Berea. I had the chance to go on a trip with the Recreation Club at my university, or else I probably would never found out about this place. We were there for a couple of hours just exploring what was around us. Anglin Falls does indeed have a waterfall, it’s a small one, but it’s still nice to see!

You could knock out seeing Pinnacles and Anglin Falls in a day if you’re up to  seeing both! It’s probably something great for outdoor enthusiasts or just some bored students at the nearby universities. So here is my photo diary of Anglin Falls, Kentucky, Enjoy!
Camera info will be posted at the bottom.

Getting a great view from behind the waterfall!

Thank you for checking out my photo diary!
I use my Nikon D3200 camera with my Nikkor 50mm and my kit lens.
A few photos I did use the camera on my phone. 
I used Adobe Lightroom to edit my photos.

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