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Photo Diary: Bruges, Belgium

Date: March 2017


This was my second time ever visiting Brugge. March was my spring break and so I spent 10 days with my love. Immediately after arriving in Schipol, we put my luggage in a locker and headed off to Brugge for a weekend trip.
This was Jack’s first time ever seeing Brugge, so I was really excited for him to have the chance to visit. Plus we haven’t had a weekend trip in quite some time. 

Like always, my camera, lens, and photo editing information will be at the bottom of the page. Enjoy! 

Canal tour!

A bar that was hidden in an alley next to the area where we bought our waffles. Stopped by here a few times.

Of course we had to have some Belgian Waffles!

I just love yellow buildings!


Beer tastings!!!

My first time seeing Brugge at night

Thank you for checking out my photo diary!
I use my Nikon D3200 camera with my Nikkor 50mm lens.
A few photos I did use the camera on my phone. 
I used VSCO and Lightroom to edit my photos.

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