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Photo Diary: Howth, Ireland

I was staying in Dublin for two nights and my friend decided that we should visit Howth. I never heard of this gorgeous gem until she mentioned it to me. Not knowing what to expect, we took a  30 minute train ride from Dublin leading us here! Howth is known for their cliff walks, and it’s seriously an incredible view! xpect,

At first it was a little confusing because we didn’t know what we were even doing or going ( no map). But with my friend’s excellent navigational skills, we found a trail leading us to where we wanted to go!
So below are some photos from my day trip to Howth, enjoy!

We spotted a fox! My first time ever encountering one in the wild!

Photo below isn’t by me, but was taken by my friend.

We relaxed on the cliffs and had some lunch.

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