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Photo Diary: Leige, Belgium

Belgium doesn’t seem like the most popular country to study abroad.  I had the chance to study abroad  in Liege, Belgium. This was a big thing for me, it was my first time being on my own, fending for myself , in a foreign country of all places! So Liege is in the southern part of Belgium, the French speaking part if we’re getting specific here. Living on my own in a new environment was quite the challenge and it didn’t really help that my French speaking skills were not the best either.

Sure, I did take a year of french, tried to learn it in my free time, even paid a hefty amount of money on a crash course. But sadly my French just wasn’t that good (I’m just terrible at learning languages it seems). But hey, I got by ,but sometimes just barely (but I’ll save those stories for another time). While I haven’t been back in quite some time, Liege does hold a special place in my heart. 
So I hope you enjoy this little photo diary entry!

A very famous spot in Liege, the Montagne de Bueren. There are 374 steps in this stairway and it can get a little tiring walking to the top! Once reaching the top, you’re rewarded with a fantastic view of the city!

For me, La Maison du Peket is a must visit when coming to Liege. They are quite famous for their Peket beverage (an alcoholic  beverage might I add). I’ve only had two the entire time I lived in Liege, and they are really sweet and have a really strong alcohol content as well. I mean you’re having to take sips that’s how sweet this is. For Christmas a couple of years ago my friend got me a little sample Peket in thus cute bottle!

I really regret not taking any proper photos of Le Pot au Lait. It’s a bar in Liege where mostly the college aged students would hang out at. My friends and I would come here pretty often. It’s really unique and every time I visit I always find something new hanging around on the walls or ceiling.
More infomation here on this really cool bar: Le Pot au Lait website

I would always buy a Pecheresse beer when coming here.

The very famous and yummy waffle that can be purchased at Pollux in the city centre (near the cathedral).

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