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Photo Diary: The World Chicken Festival


Well this month I visited London, KY for the annual World Chicken Festival. This is held in downtown London, KY every September (usually the 3rd or 4th weekend of the month). “What’s this festival about” you’re crazy enough to ask, well, it’s all about chicken! While I’m completely unsure about the history of this festival, I have to say it’s pretty unique but at the same time it’s pretty normal.
Chicken is totally the theme here and you’ll be seeing it while you scroll through the photos. Now I wouldn’t say the festival is all about the KFC chain,yes, there is indeed fried chicken for sale but I’ve never seen any KFC concession stands. But speaking of KFC ;every year a contest is held at the festival where some old men dress up as Colonel Sanders and everyone decides who the lookalike is. Laurel County is where the first KFC or known as Sander’s Cafe was made so it’s only fitting the festival celebrating chicken should be in its home county.

This isn’t my first time going here. Sure, I’ve been a couple of times,  and even marched in their parade throughout high school.  I’m sure every Kentuckian has gone to this at least once or at least needs to experiences once in their life, kinda like the derby.

So getting down to it, below are some snap shots of the festival. I’ll include a link to their website if you’d like more information. I’ll also include my camera, lens, and editing information at the bottom of the page as well. So enjoy!


Every year there is a contest, on who makes the best chicken. I provided a few pictures of the contestants chickens. People visiting the festival has the opportunity to cast their vote if they’d like! 




So the World Chicken Festival is very famous for having the World’s Largest Frying Skillet. At the far end of the festival, after all the rides and concession stands is where this can be found! There’s a huge tent filled with seats and this is where you can line up to buy some chicken and catch a glimpse of the World’s Largest Frying Skillet frying up some chicken!

While I wasn’t able to stay long enough, but at night there are performances. I know last year Bret Michaels (you may name him from those VH1 shows or by the ’80s glam band Poison)  performed here. So the festival is slowly getting bigger singers to perform.

Deep Fried Oreos! It was my first time every trying them! Honestly, it didn’t taste as bad as I was expecting. I did feel kinda gross eating all five of them by myself. But hey! I’m at a festival! I should be eating carnival foods while I have the chance!

Having myself  an overpriced-mediocre Ribeye sandwich!

Some information

The World Chicken Festival website: click here

I used my Nikon D3200 to take these shots. I also used the standard kit lens that comes with the camera.

I edited these photos with Adobe Lightroom.

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